In the year of the Dragon, one man’s legend was immortalized by death and another was born into light. Through a journey of suffering, the mysteries of life were revealed and the artist known as RED stepped forward to speak his truth. Questions of “why” dissolved in a moment and a feeling of bliss, joy and happiness replaced reason with purpose.

     During his early childhood, he was surrounded by the mystical wonders and beauty of the jungles in the island of the clouds, Borneo. By the time he was a young adult, the peace and serenity of nature was overshadowed by the confusion of mass media and  industrialization while living in the United States. As a result of disarray, he intuitively sought to heal himself and traversed the waters of the Pacific Ocean to the ancient Kingdom of Thailand. While deep in meditation, the realization that the past and future are nothing more than illusory perceptions led him to the ultimate reality of the present, now moment. “As we breathe, we are centered. As we center ourselves, we connect with our hearts and allow our true selves to shine through.” The essence and simplicity of being allowed him to see past the veil of judgment and separation and into the light of unconditional love and oneness, that we are all one, connected to each other and everything. It is now that he shares his light with the world and encourages all of humanity to journey together as one.

     Red is not only a painter but also a graphic designer, sculptor, tattoo artist, toys designer. Experimenting in multiple fields and shares his love of art, where the spirit and feelings are expressed in its purest forms.

Dialogue with RED

Why RED?
Red is the color of blood. No matter what color we appear to be on the outside, blood runs through our hearts, arteries and veins. In the end, we are united as a human race.”

What is art?
“Art is life and life is art. How I live life is an art form. How I communicate with my grandfather is art. How I learn is art. How I move is art. How I breathe is art. Everything is art and art is everything. Art is derived from the mind and it compliments the five senses: seeing, tasting, touching, smelling and hearing. Because art is derived from the mind, it is the mind. The driver behind the art and the mind is the heart, which is the true nature of a person. Art brings people together. We all learn from art because art is life.”

What are your thoughts on mind and heart?
“The heart drives the mind. The heart sees things in clarity while the mind bends.  It is the heart that keeps the mind balanced. If you live based on the mind, you are never rooted and you are never true.  The mind creates delusion. The mind creates confusion. People who are mindful live their lives with ups and downs. The heart, on the other hand, is still. The heart is always true and always here. You will not find what you are looking for if you look externally. You will find it within.  Our duty in life is not to be this or that; it is just to be. While I am here, I will let the heart lead and communicate.”

What is your art based on?
“My art is from the heart. My hope is that when you see my art, your heart will be awakened. In this world, one’s mind is like mud, obscuring the heart, the truth. I want the rain to wash away the mud when you see my art. The day of enlightenment is the day that it rains.”

What’s the meaning of life?
“The meaning of my life is to be able to stay true, in the past, present and future.”

Do you have a dream?
“I do not have dreams. I believe in destiny.”